Surah Tariq Last 3 Ayat PDF with Urdu Translation and Benefits

Surah Tariq Last 3 Ayat PDF Download with Urdu Tarjama + Tafseer + Benefits (سورہ طارق آخری 3 آیتیں اردو ترجمہ, تفسیر, اور فضائل کے ساتھ)

Surah At-Tariq, also known as “The Nightcomer,” is the 86th chapter of the Holy Quran. Composed of 17 verses, it resides in the 30th جزء (juz’/para) of the Quran.

Benefits (فضائل):

Here are the some benefits of reciting Surah Tariq:

Increased Faith and Awareness: Reflecting on the themes of the Day of Judgement and Allah’s power can strengthen one’s faith and heighten awareness of the importance of righteous living.

Spiritual Reward: The act of reciting any part of the Quran is believed to be a pious act and carries inherent spiritual reward.

Guidance and Reflection: Surah At-Tariq’s message about the nature of the soul and human accountability can inspire introspection and guide believers towards a more meaningful life.

Protection and Blessings: Although not explicitly mentioned, some believe reciting Quranic verses offers a sense of spiritual protection and brings blessings from Allah.

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Key Themes:

  • The Day of Judgement: The surah uses metaphorical language like a “piercing star” (At-Tariq) and the “splitting of the sky” to depict the awe-inspiring nature of the Day of Judgement.
  • The Power of Allah: The verses emphasize Allah’s immense power and control over creation.
  • Human Accountability: The surah reminds humans of their responsibility for their actions and the consequences they will face on the Day of Judgement.
  • The Importance of Faith: While not explicitly stated, the surah suggests that faith plays a role in preparing for the Day of Judgement and navigating the challenges of life.

Structure and Message:

The final verses (15-17) delve into the concept of the soul and its connection to Allah. They emphasize that Allah has instilled within each soul the capacity for both good and evil. Humans will ultimately be judged based on their choices and actions in this life. These last 3 verses are read as Wazifa.


Surah At-Tariq serves as a reminder of the impermanence of this world and the importance of preparing for the afterlife. It encourages introspection and reminds us of the consequences of our choices. This short surah packs a powerful message, urging believers to live a righteous life and seek Allah’s guidance.

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