Surah Muzamil PDF With Urdu Translation and Benefits

Surah Muzamil Read Online OR Download PDF With Urdu Translation and Benefits (سورہ مزمل اردو ترجمہ اور فضائل کے ساتھ)

Surah Al-Muzzammil, also known as Surah Muzammil, is the 73rd Surah of the Quran, and placed in 29th Para. It consists of 20 verses and was revealed in Makkah. The surah holds profound lessons and guidance for the believers.

The Surah opens by addressing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as “the one who wraps himself [in his garment].” This refers to his practice of devoting long hours of the night to prayer and contemplation.

The verses then encourage the Prophet (PBUH) to:

  • Perform extended night prayers: The Surah emphasizes the importance of additional prayers beyond the five obligatory daily prayers.
  • Read the Quran slowly and thoughtfully: This highlights the importance of understanding the meaning of the Quran while reciting it.
  • Be patient and persevere: The Surah acknowledges the challenges of devoting oneself to prayer and encourages steadfastness.
  • Promise of future guidance: The Surah concludes with a message of reassurance, promising future guidance from Allah.

Surah Muzamil Full Read Online OR Download PDF with Urdu Translation, Tafseer and Fazilat

Benefits (فضیلت)

Strengthens Faith: By learning about Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) dedication to prayer, believers are inspired to strengthen their own faith and prayer habits.

Importance of Night Prayers: The Surah serves as a reminder of the spiritual benefits (fazayil) of Tahajjud prayers (night prayers) and encourages believers to incorporate them into their routines (if able).

Mindful Recitation: The emphasis on reading the Quran slowly and pondering its meaning encourages a deeper connection with the divine message.

Promotes Patience and Perseverance: The Surah acknowledges the challenges of consistent prayer and offers encouragement to remain steadfast on the spiritual path.

Trust in Allah: The concluding message of future guidance fosters trust in Allah’s plan and His ultimate wisdom.


Surah Muzammil Wazifa offers a beautiful reminder of the importance of prayer, patience, and a deep connection with the Quran. Reciting and reflecting on this Surah can inspire Muslims to cultivate a more meaningful prayer life, develop perseverance on their spiritual journey, and strengthen their faith in Allah. While night prayers are encouraged, remember that the core message applies to all aspects of a believer’s spiritual practice.

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