Surah Hashar Last 3 Ayat With Urdu Translation + Fazilat

Surah Hashar Last 3 Ayat Download PDF With Urdu Translation + Benefits (سورہ حشر کی آخری 3 آیتیں اردو ترجمہ کے ساتھ + فضیلت)

Surah Hashr is the 59th surah of the Holy Quran, placed in the para number 28, and consisting of 24 verses. The last three verses, also known as the “Last 3 Ayat of Surah Hashr,” hold great significance and are recited separately by many Muslims due to the profound messages they convey. These verses serve as a powerful reminder of Allah’s attributes, His control over the universe, and the importance of seeking His protection and guidance.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Qadar (سورہ حشر پڑھنے کے فضائل)

Reciting the Last 3 Ayat of Surah Hashr 7 times, offers numerous benefits for the spiritual and personal well-being of Muslims. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Protection from evil: These verses are believed to provide protection against evil influences, both seen and unseen. They act as a shield against negative energies, and harmful intentions.
  2. Seeking divine guidance: By reciting these verses, believers seek Allah’s guidance in making righteous decisions and navigating the challenges of life. They reinforce the importance of relying on Allah’s wisdom and seeking His assistance in all matters.
  3. Strengthening faith: The Last 3 Ayat of Surah Hashr serve as a reminder of Allah’s power and control over all aspects of existence. Reciting them helps strengthen faith, increase devotion, and deepen the connection with the Divine.
  4. Finding comfort and solace: These verses offer comfort and solace during times of distress, anxiety, or hardship. They remind individuals that they are not alone and that Allah’s protection is always available to those who seek it.
  5. Spiritual reflection and contemplation: Reciting and pondering over the Last 3 Ayat of Surah Hashr encourages spiritual reflection and contemplation. It allows believers to delve deeper into the meanings and messages contained within these verses, fostering a deeper understanding of Allah’s attributes and the purpose of life.


Surah Hashr last three verses serves as a reminder of the eternal power and sovereignty of Allah. It instills a sense of awe and reverence, inspiring believers to place their trust in Him and seek His guidance. Through the lessons and teachings contained within this chapter, individuals are encouraged to live a life of righteousness, seeking Allah’s pleasure and striving to follow His commandments.

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