Sar Dard Ki Dua

Sar Dard ki Dua and Sar Dard ka Dam According to Quran (سر درد کی دعا اور سر درد کا دم قرآن کے مطابق)

“Sar Dard ki Dua” refers to the supplications or prayers specifically recited for seeking relief from headaches or migraines. In Islam, it is encouraged to turn to Allah in times of distress and seek His help and mercy through prayers.

It is recommended to recite this sar dard ka wazifa with sincerity and faith, seeking Allah’s mercy and healing. Additionally, one should also follow proper medical advice and take any necessary medication or treatment prescribed by a healthcare professional. Drinking Zamzam water, if available, and reciting the dua over it before consumption is also considered beneficial.

Remember, while supplicating to Allah for relief from headaches is encouraged, it is important to seek medical attention for persistent or severe headaches. Islam encourages seeking both spiritual and physical means for well-being.

Sar Dard Ka Dam

“Sar Dard Ka Dam” refers to a spiritual healing practice used to alleviate headaches. In Islamic culture, “dam” involves reciting specific prayers or verses from the Quran and blowing over a person or affected area to seek divine healing. This practice is rooted in the belief that spiritual interventions can complement physical remedies to cure ailments.

This is also known as shadeed sar dard ki dua, after reciting each selected verse or supplication, gently blow over your hands and then pass them over the forehead and head of the person suffering from the headache. Alternatively, you can blow directly onto the affected area. OR You can recite the verses over a glass of water or a small amount of olive oil or black seed oil. After recitation, blow into the water or oil and then apply it to the forehead and temples.

Benefits (فضائل)

  • The primary purpose of Sar Dard Ki Dua is to seek relief from headache pain. Believers find comfort in the supplication and experiences a reduction in pain.
  • The spiritual act of reciting the dua encourages relaxation, which can alleviate muscle tension and reduce headache intensity.
  • Reducing headache frequency and severity through spiritual practices can enhance focus and productivity in daily tasks.
  • Engaging in this supplication reinforces the believer’s faith (iman) and trust in Allah’s ability to heal and provide relief from ailments.
  • The act of making dua can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, which are common triggers for headaches.


Sar Dard Ka Dam OR Sar Dard Ki Dua is a cherished spiritual practice that blends faith and healing. Rooted in Islamic tradition, it involves reciting specific Quranic verses and supplications to seek relief from headaches through divine intervention. Performing dam with sincerity, faith, and the correct intentions can provide both spiritual comfort and physical relief, making it a holistic approach to managing headaches.

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