Ramadan Calendar 2025, Seher o Iftar Times | Sehri, Iftari Time Ramzan

Ramzan Calendar 2025:

  1. Start of Ramadan:
    • The holy month of Ramadan in Pakistan is expected to commence on the 1st of March, 2025, according to the Islamic lunar calendar.
  2. Fasting:
    • Muslims in Pakistan will observe fasting from dawn (Fajr) until sunset (Maghrib) throughout the month. During this time, believers abstain from consuming food, drink, and other physical needs.
  3. Suhoor and Iftar:
    • Suhoor refers to the pre-dawn meal that Muslims have before beginning their fast. In 2025, Suhoor time will begin at 05:04 PKT.
    • Iftar is the meal that Muslims have to break their fast at sunset. In 2025, Iftar time will be at 18:04 PKT.
  4. Taraweeh Prayer:
    • Taraweeh is a special congregational prayer performed by Muslims after the Isha prayer during Ramadan. It consists of reciting portions of the Quran. The Taraweeh prayer will be held in mosques throughout Pakistan during the nights of Ramadan. The Isha prayer time in 2025 is at 19:27 PKT
  5. End of Ramadan:
    • The completion of Ramadan and the beginning of the festive celebration known as Eid-ul-Fitr will be determined upon the sighting of the new moon. In 2025, Ramadan is expected to conclude on the 28th of February.

Ramzan 2025 Sehr o Iftar Calendar

01 Ramaḍān, 1446 (01 March, 2025)05:14 (PKT)06:36 (PKT)12:20 (PKT)15:34 (PKT)18:04 (PKT)18:04 (PKT)19:27 (PKT)05:04 (PKT)00:20 (PKT)22:15 (PKT)02:26 (PKT)
02 Ramaḍān, 1446 (02 March, 2025)05:13 (PKT)06:35 (PKT)12:20 (PKT)15:35 (PKT)18:05 (PKT)18:05 (PKT)19:28 (PKT)05:03 (PKT)00:20 (PKT)22:15 (PKT)02:25 (PKT)
03 Ramaḍān, 1446 (03 March, 2025)05:11 (PKT)06:34 (PKT)12:20 (PKT)15:35 (PKT)18:06 (PKT)18:06 (PKT)19:29 (PKT)05:01 (PKT)00:20 (PKT)22:15 (PKT)02:25 (PKT)
04 Ramaḍān, 1446 (04 March, 2025)05:10 (PKT)06:33 (PKT)12:20 (PKT)15:36 (PKT)18:07 (PKT)18:07 (PKT)19:30 (PKT)05:00 (PKT)00:20 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:24 (PKT)
05 Ramaḍān, 1446 (05 March, 2025)05:09 (PKT)06:31 (PKT)12:19 (PKT)15:36 (PKT)18:08 (PKT)18:08 (PKT)19:30 (PKT)04:59 (PKT)00:20 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:24 (PKT)
06 Ramaḍān, 1446 (06 March, 2025)05:08 (PKT)06:30 (PKT)12:19 (PKT)15:37 (PKT)18:09 (PKT)18:09 (PKT)19:31 (PKT)04:58 (PKT)00:19 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:23 (PKT)
07 Ramaḍān, 1446 (07 March, 2025)05:06 (PKT)06:29 (PKT)12:19 (PKT)15:37 (PKT)18:09 (PKT)18:09 (PKT)19:32 (PKT)04:56 (PKT)00:19 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:22 (PKT)
08 Ramaḍān, 1446 (08 March, 2025)05:05 (PKT)06:28 (PKT)12:19 (PKT)15:37 (PKT)18:10 (PKT)18:10 (PKT)19:33 (PKT)04:55 (PKT)00:19 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:22 (PKT)
09 Ramaḍān, 1446 (09 March, 2025)05:04 (PKT)06:26 (PKT)12:18 (PKT)15:38 (PKT)18:11 (PKT)18:11 (PKT)19:34 (PKT)04:54 (PKT)00:19 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:21 (PKT)
10 Ramaḍān, 1446 (10 March, 2025)05:02 (PKT)06:25 (PKT)12:18 (PKT)15:38 (PKT)18:12 (PKT)18:12 (PKT)19:34 (PKT)04:52 (PKT)00:18 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:21 (PKT)
11 Ramaḍān, 1446 (11 March, 2025)05:01 (PKT)06:24 (PKT)12:18 (PKT)15:38 (PKT)18:13 (PKT)18:13 (PKT)19:35 (PKT)04:51 (PKT)00:18 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:20 (PKT)
12 Ramaḍān, 1446 (12 March, 2025)05:00 (PKT)06:22 (PKT)12:18 (PKT)15:39 (PKT)18:13 (PKT)18:13 (PKT)19:36 (PKT)04:50 (PKT)00:18 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:19 (PKT)
13 Ramaḍān, 1446 (13 March, 2025)04:58 (PKT)06:21 (PKT)12:17 (PKT)15:39 (PKT)18:14 (PKT)18:14 (PKT)19:37 (PKT)04:48 (PKT)00:18 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:19 (PKT)
14 Ramaḍān, 1446 (14 March, 2025)04:57 (PKT)06:20 (PKT)12:17 (PKT)15:39 (PKT)18:15 (PKT)18:15 (PKT)19:38 (PKT)04:47 (PKT)00:17 (PKT)22:16 (PKT)02:18 (PKT)
15 Ramaḍān, 1446 (15 March, 2025)04:56 (PKT)06:18 (PKT)12:17 (PKT)15:40 (PKT)18:16 (PKT)18:16 (PKT)19:39 (PKT)04:46 (PKT)00:17 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:18 (PKT)
16 Ramaḍān, 1446 (16 March, 2025)04:54 (PKT)06:17 (PKT)12:16 (PKT)15:40 (PKT)18:16 (PKT)18:16 (PKT)19:39 (PKT)04:44 (PKT)00:17 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:17 (PKT)
17 Ramaḍān, 1446 (17 March, 2025)04:53 (PKT)06:16 (PKT)12:16 (PKT)15:40 (PKT)18:17 (PKT)18:17 (PKT)19:40 (PKT)04:43 (PKT)00:16 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:16 (PKT)
18 Ramaḍān, 1446 (18 March, 2025)04:51 (PKT)06:14 (PKT)12:16 (PKT)15:41 (PKT)18:18 (PKT)18:18 (PKT)19:41 (PKT)04:41 (PKT)00:16 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:16 (PKT)
19 Ramaḍān, 1446 (19 March, 2025)04:50 (PKT)06:13 (PKT)12:16 (PKT)15:41 (PKT)18:19 (PKT)18:19 (PKT)19:42 (PKT)04:40 (PKT)00:16 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:15 (PKT)
20 Ramaḍān, 1446 (20 March, 2025)04:49 (PKT)06:12 (PKT)12:15 (PKT)15:41 (PKT)18:19 (PKT)18:19 (PKT)19:43 (PKT)04:39 (PKT)00:16 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:14 (PKT)
21 Ramaḍān, 1446 (21 March, 2025)04:47 (PKT)06:10 (PKT)12:15 (PKT)15:41 (PKT)18:20 (PKT)18:20 (PKT)19:43 (PKT)04:37 (PKT)00:15 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:14 (PKT)
22 Ramaḍān, 1446 (22 March, 2025)04:46 (PKT)06:09 (PKT)12:15 (PKT)15:42 (PKT)18:21 (PKT)18:21 (PKT)19:44 (PKT)04:36 (PKT)00:15 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:13 (PKT)
23 Ramaḍān, 1446 (23 March, 2025)04:44 (PKT)06:08 (PKT)12:14 (PKT)15:42 (PKT)18:22 (PKT)18:22 (PKT)19:45 (PKT)04:34 (PKT)00:15 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:12 (PKT)
24 Ramaḍān, 1446 (24 March, 2025)04:43 (PKT)06:06 (PKT)12:14 (PKT)15:42 (PKT)18:22 (PKT)18:22 (PKT)19:46 (PKT)04:33 (PKT)00:14 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:12 (PKT)
25 Ramaḍān, 1446 (25 March, 2025)04:41 (PKT)06:05 (PKT)12:14 (PKT)15:42 (PKT)18:23 (PKT)18:23 (PKT)19:47 (PKT)04:31 (PKT)00:14 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:11 (PKT)
26 Ramaḍān, 1446 (26 March, 2025)04:40 (PKT)06:04 (PKT)12:14 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:24 (PKT)18:24 (PKT)19:48 (PKT)04:30 (PKT)00:14 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:10 (PKT)
27 Ramaḍān, 1446 (27 March, 2025)04:38 (PKT)06:02 (PKT)12:13 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:25 (PKT)18:25 (PKT)19:49 (PKT)04:28 (PKT)00:13 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:10 (PKT)
28 Ramaḍān, 1446 (28 March, 2025)04:37 (PKT)06:01 (PKT)12:13 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:25 (PKT)18:25 (PKT)19:50 (PKT)04:27 (PKT)00:13 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:09 (PKT)
29 Ramaḍān, 1446 (29 March, 2025)04:36 (PKT)06:00 (PKT)12:13 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:26 (PKT)18:26 (PKT)19:50 (PKT)04:26 (PKT)00:13 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:08 (PKT)
30 Ramaḍān, 1446 (30 March, 2025)04:34 (PKT)05:58 (PKT)12:12 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:27 (PKT)18:27 (PKT)19:51 (PKT)04:24 (PKT)00:13 (PKT)22:17 (PKT)02:08 (PKT)

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