Neend Ki Dua | Pur Sakoon Neend Ki Dua | Neend Na Aane Ki Dua

Neend OR Pur Sakoon Neend Ki Dua (پرسکون نیند کی دعا)

Sleep, a vital necessity for body and mind, is often taken for granted. Islam acknowledges this by offering beautiful supplications (duas) called Neend Ki Dua OR Pur Sakoon Neend Ki Dua, specifically dedicated to seeking Allah’s (SWT) blessings for a peaceful and restful sleep.


  • The act of reciting dua before sleep can help you ease into a calmer state. Saying a prayer focuses your mind, quieting anxieties and worries that might otherwise keep you awake.
  • Reciting Neend Ki Dua reminds you that even peaceful sleep is a blessing from Allah (SWT).
  • If you frequently experience nightmares, this could be a compelling reason to incorporate this dua into your bedtime routine. The prayer might help clear your mind of negative thoughts and anxieties, promoting a more peaceful sleep experience.

Neend Na Aane Ki Dua (نیند نہ آنے کی دعا)

While sleep is a vital necessity for our well-being, there are times when it eludes us. Islam acknowledges this struggle and offers solace through “Neend Na Aane Ki Dua” (Supplication for Sleeplessness). This dua serves as a plea to Allah (SWT) for peaceful sleep when faced with insomnia or difficulty sleeping.


  • The act of supplication itself can be a powerful stress reliever. Focusing on your dua and pouring your worries out to Allah (SWT) allows your mind to quiet down and anxieties to lessen.
  • Focusing on reciting dua can serve as a distraction from the frustration of sleeplessness. Engaging your mind in meaningful supplication takes your attention away from the anxious thoughts that keep you awake.
  • Neend Na Aane Ki Dua is a powerful reminder of your dependence on Allah (SWT) for even the most basic necessities like sleep.
  • The struggle with sleeplessness can make you appreciate the gift of sleep even more.


Neend Na Aane Ki Dua isn’t just a way to induce sleep; it’s a spiritual practice that strengthens your connection with Allah (SWT) during a time of difficulty. By incorporating these practices and approaching Allah (SWT) with sincerity and faith, you can find solace and trust in Him, even when sleep seems elusive. Remember, Allah (SWT) is ever-present and ever-listening, and He can grant peace and tranquility in even the most restless moments.

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