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Nad e Ali Dua Read and Download pdf with Benefits (ناد علی دعا فضائل کے ساتھ)

Naad e Ali (Calling upon Ali) refers to a specific supplication recited by Muslims, particularly Shi’a Muslims, to honor and seek blessings through Imam Ali (AS), the son-in-law and cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Here’s a detailed look at this dua:

There are two types of Nad e Ali Supplications:

1- Nad e Ali Sagheer

Here is the Nad e Ali Pic:

2- Nad e Ali Kabeer

Key Points

  • Naad e Ali is a poetic supplication expressing reverence and love for Imam Ali (AS).
  • The specific wording of the dua may vary, but it typically includes praises for Imam Ali’s (AS) virtues, his role as a defender of Islam, and his spiritual مقام (maqam – station) near Allah (SWT).
  • The dua often concludes with a supplication seeking intercession from Imam Ali (AS) and blessings from Allah (SWT).
  • For Shi’a Muslims, Naad e Ali holds immense importance. Imam Ali (AS) is considered the first Imam and a spiritual successor to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Reciting the dua is a way to express devotion and seek his blessings.

Nad e Ali Dua PDF Download OR Read Online

Benefits (فضیلت)

  • Reciting this dua fosters a deeper spiritual connection with the household of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), particularly with Imam Ali.
  • It is believed to provide spiritual protection against evil forces, negative influences, and harm.
  • Some believe that reciting “Nad e Ali” can help in fulfilling one’s needs, wishes, and desires.
  • Believers may recite this dua to seek success and blessings in their endeavors, whether they are related to work, studies, or personal aspirations.
  • It is often recited as a means of seeking solutions to worldly problems, including health, wealth, and relationships.
  • For many Shia Muslims, reciting “Nad e Ali” is a part of their cultural and religious identity, strengthening their connection to their faith and heritage.


The “Nad e Ali” dua holds profound significance for Shia Muslims, offering spiritual, psychological, and worldly benefits. Whether seeking intercession, finding solace in times of difficulty, or seeking success in endeavors, believers turn to this supplication as a source of comfort, guidance, and blessings.

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