List of Duas | Masnoon, Ramadan Duas | Quranic Wazaif Duaen

In the vast realm of Islamic tradition, daily supplications, or duain, hold profound significance. Rooted in both prophetic traditions (Masnoon) and the Quran, these prayers serve as a spiritual guide, navigating believers through life’s daily rhythms. This guide explores Masnoon and Quranic daily duain, unveiling their importance and providing a curated list to enrich your spiritual journey.

Exploring Masnoon Duas:

Masnoon Duas are supplications established through the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They embody his wisdom and piety, offering guidance and blessings for every aspect of life, from waking to sleeping.

Delving into Quranic Daily Duain:

Quranic Daily Duain are derived directly from the Quran, carrying divine wisdom and serving as a beacon of light. They offer guidance, protection, and solace, fostering a deeper connection to Allah’s mercy and providence.

Importance of Daily Duain:

Incorporating daily duain into one’s routine is a transformative spiritual journey. Regular recitation invites blessings into life, serving as a shield against adversity and a source of solace in times of distress.

Curated List of Duain:

  • Morning Duain: Begin your day with gratitude and protection by reciting morning supplications.
  • Evening Duain: Seek forgiveness and protection as you end your day with evening supplications.
  • Daily Routine Duain: Infuse spirituality into daily activities by incorporating duain.
  • Special Occasion Duain: Commemorate sacred moments with specific duain for occasions like Eid and Ramadan.


In the midst of life’s busyness, daily duain provide a spiritual anchor. Embrace these prayers to infuse life with meaning and divine blessings. Explore Islamic traditions further with Islam Times.

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