Ghusl Ki Dua | Ghusal Ka Tarika For Male And Female In Urdu

Ghusal Ki Dua (غسل کی دعا)

Ghusl (ritual purification) is an essential act in Islam, required in various circumstances to attain a state of physical and spiritual cleanliness. It involves a complete body wash to remove major impurities (janabah), such as after marital relations, menstruation, or childbirth. Performing Ghusl properly with the right intentions and supplications is important. The following dua is also known as the “ghusl ki dua after periods”.

Ghusal Ka Tarika For Male and Female in Urdu (غسل کا طریقہ اردو میں)

Ghusl (ritual purification) is a mandatory act in Islam required to attain a state of purity after certain situations, such as after marital relations, menstruation, or childbirth. This purification is essential for performing acts of worship like Salah (prayer) and reciting the Quran. Here’s a detailed guide on how to perform Ghusl (Ghusl ka Tarika). The following mentioned tarika is also called the “ghusal ka tarika for ladies after periods”.

Steps for Performing Ghusl:

  1. Intention (Niyyah): Begin with the intention in your heart to perform Ghusl for the sake of Allah and to purify yourself from impurity. Intention is a mental state, so it doesn’t need to be verbalized.
  2. Saying “Bismillah”: Start by saying “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah) and read the ghusl ki dua which is mentioned above.
  3. Washing Hands: Wash both hands up to the wrists three times.
  4. Private Parts: Wash the private parts thoroughly, removing any impurities.
  5. Performing Wudu (Ablution): Perform a complete wudu as you would for Salah (prayer), except for washing the feet, which you will do at the end of Ghusl.
  6. Pouring Water Over the Head: Pour water over the head three times, ensuring that the water reaches the scalp and all the hair.
  7. Washing the Entire Body: Wash the entire body thoroughly, starting with the right side and then the left side. Ensure that no part of the body is left dry. Rub the body to ensure water reaches all areas.
  8. Washing Feet: Finally, wash both feet thoroughly, ensuring water reaches between the toes.

Significance of Ghusl:

Ghusl signifies both physical and spiritual purification. It prepares a Muslim for engaging in acts of worship and other daily activities in a state of purity. It fosters mindfulness of cleanliness and adherence to the commands of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).


Performing Ghusl is a vital practice in Islam, ensuring that a Muslim remains in a state of physical and spiritual purity. By following the steps and having the right intention, one fulfills this important requirement, drawing closer to Allah. May Allah accept our efforts and grant us purity in all aspects of our lives.

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