Eid Ki Namaz Ka Tarika | How to Pray Eid Prayer In Urdu

Eid Ki Namaz Ka Tarika in Urdu (عید کی نماز کا طریقہ)

The Eid prayer (Salat al-Eid) is a special Salah performed on the mornings of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. It is a highly recommended act of worship that marks the celebration of these important Islamic festivals. Here is a detailed guide on how to perform the Eid prayer according to Shariah:

Eid Ki Namaz Ka Tarika Step by Step

Here’s a simplified and unique version of the instructions for performing Eid prayer:

  1. Intention: Begin with the intention in your heart to perform the Eid prayer.
  2. Opening Takbeer: Say “Allahu Akbar” along with the imam to start the prayer.
  3. Silent Supplication: Quietly recite the opening supplication to yourself.
  4. Additional Takbeers: Say “Allahu Akbar” three more times with the imam, raising your hands each time.
  5. Surah Recitation: Listen as the imam recites Surah Al-Fatihah and another surah.
  6. Ruku: Say “Allahu Akbar” and bow into ruku with the imam, continuing the prayer as usual.
  7. Second Rak’ah: In the second rak’ah, again listen to the imam recite Surah Al-Fatihah and another surah.
  8. Additional Takbeers: Say “Allahu Akbar” three more times with the imam. After the third takbeer, lower your hands to your sides before going into ruku again.
  9. Completion: Say “Allahu Akbar” and bow with the imam, completing the prayer cycle as usual.

Significance of Eid Prayer

Eid prayer is a communal act of worship that brings the Muslim community together in celebration and gratitude. It is an expression of unity, joy, and obedience to Allah. The prayer is an opportunity to reflect on the blessings of Ramadan or the significance of the Hajj and Qurbani.

Real-Life Example

Imagine a community gathering in an open field early in the morning. Everyone is dressed in their best clothes, greeting each other with smiles and hugs. The Imam stands before them, and the call for prayer is made. Together, they perform the Eid Salah, listening to the khutbah, and then sharing a meal. This communal act reinforces the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood among Muslims.


Performing the Eid prayer according to Shariah involves specific steps that ensure both physical and spiritual readiness. By following the Sunnah and performing the prayer with sincerity, Muslims can fully embrace the blessings and spirit of Eid. May Allah accept our prayers and grant us many joyful and blessed Eids.

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