Teeth Pain (Toothache) Dua | Dant Dard Wazifa In the Quran

Experiencing toothache can be a distressing and uncomfortable situation. In times of dental pain, seeking solace and relief through supplication is a powerful practice in Islam. In this article, we will explore a dua (prayer) from the Quran specifically for toothache, known as the “Dant Dard Dua,” and understand how it can provide comfort and relief.

  1. The Power of Supplication in Alleviating Toothache:
    Supplication holds immense power in seeking Allah’s help and healing. The Quran teaches us that Allah is compassionate and responsive to the prayers of His servants. By turning to Allah during toothache, we can find comfort and relief from our pain.
  2. The Dant Dard Dua from the Quran:
    The dua for toothache is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran, but we can seek solace and relief by reciting various supplications from the Quran. One such dua is:

“Rabbī ‘awzi’nī ‘an ‘ashkura ni’mataka allatī ‘anamta alayya wa alá waālidayya wa 'an 'amala Şāliĥāan Tarđáhu wa ‘adkhilni birahmatika fī `ibādika Aş-Şāliĥīna.”

“O my Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.”

  1. The Virtue of Patience and Trust in Allah’s Plan:
    While reciting the dua, it is crucial to maintain patience and trust in Allah’s wisdom. Toothache can be a test of patience, and through supplication, we seek relief while embracing the divine plan. Remember that Allah’s timing and wisdom are perfect, and relief may come in His chosen way.
  2. Seeking Professional Dental Care:
    While supplication is a powerful tool, seeking professional dental care is essential for diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of toothache. Consulting a dentist or healthcare professional can provide the necessary guidance and treatment to alleviate the pain effectively.


In times of toothache, turning to Allah and reciting the Dant Dard Dua from the Quran can provide solace and relief. Combine supplication with patience, trust in Allah’s plan, and seek professional dental care for a comprehensive approach to alleviate the pain. May Allah grant you relief from toothache and bless you with good oral health.

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