Azan & Prayer(Namaz)Time Sialkot: Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha

Sialkot Namaz Timings

Note: Fajr prayer is offered 30 minutes after the call to prayer (azan), Zuhr 20 minutes after, Asar 15 minutes after, Maghrib 3 minutes after, and Isha 15 minutes after the azan.

In Sialkot, the daily prayers are a source of spiritual enrichment and tranquility. The early morning Fajr prayer provides a peaceful start to the day, setting a reflective tone. As the sun reaches its zenith, Zuhr offers a midday spiritual break, a time to pause and reconnect. In the late afternoon, Asar prayer helps maintain this spiritual connection, preparing for the transition to evening. The Maghrib prayer, marked by the beautiful sunset, signals the day’s end and invites gratitude and reflection. Lastly, Isha prayer brings peace and serenity to the night, offering a moment of introspection and divine connection. These prayer times ensure that the faithful in Sialkot remain spiritually connected throughout the day.

June 2024 Salat Timing table

Sat 13:165:0012:105:117:209:05
Sun 23:154:5912:105:117:219:05
Mon 33:154:5912:105:117:229:06
Tue 43:144:5912:115:127:229:07
Wed 53:144:5912:115:127:239:08
Thu 63:144:5912:115:127:239:09
Fri 73:134:5812:115:137:249:09
Sat 83:134:5812:115:137:249:10
Sun 93:134:5812:115:137:259:11
Mon 103:124:5812:125:147:259:11
Tue 113:124:5812:125:147:269:12
Wed 123:124:5812:125:147:269:12
Thu 133:124:5812:125:157:279:13
Fri 143:124:5812:125:157:279:13
Sat 153:124:5812:135:157:279:14
Sun 163:124:5812:135:157:289:14
Mon 173:124:5812:135:167:289:15
Tue 183:124:5912:135:167:289:15
Wed 193:124:5912:145:167:289:15
Thu 203:124:5912:145:167:299:15
Fri 213:124:5912:145:177:299:16
Sat 223:134:5912:145:177:299:16
Sun 233:135:0012:145:177:299:16
Mon 243:135:0012:155:177:299:16
Tue 253:145:0012:155:177:309:16
Wed 263:145:0012:155:187:309:16
Thu 273:145:0112:155:187:309:16
Fri 283:155:0112:155:187:309:16
Sat 293:155:0212:165:187:309:16
Sun 303:165:0212:165:187:309:16

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