Naik Aulad Ke Liye Dua From Quran In Urdu

Hasool e Aulad Ke Liye Dua According to Quran in Urdu (اولاد کے لیے دعا)

Desiring children is a natural inclination for many people, and Islam provides various supplications (duas) to seek Allah’s blessings for offspring. “Aulaad ke liye dua” or “Hasool-e-Aulaad ke liye dua” refers to supplications made for the blessing of children.

Islam emphasizes that having children is part of Allah’s (SWT) divine decree. He bestows this blessing upon whom He wills, and it’s important to accept His wisdom. While dua is encouraged, couples are urged to trust in Allah’s (SWT) timing and be patient with His plan.

Benefits (فضائل)

  • Making dua for children’s well-being invokes Allah’s protection against physical and spiritual harm.
  • Making dua attracts Allah’s blessings and mercy upon the supplicant and their future offspring.
  • Following the example of Prophet Zakariya (AS), who made dua for righteous offspring, aligns with the sunnah.
  • The act of making dua together as a couple can strengthen the marital bond, fostering mutual support and understanding.
  • Ensure sincerity in supplication, maintaining trust in Allah’s wisdom and timing.


“Aulad ke liye dua” is a beautiful expression of hope and trust in Allah’s (SWT) plan. While patiently accepting His decree, couples can find solace in dua and strive for righteous offspring. Remember, dua strengthens your faith and brings you closer to Allah (SWT) no matter the outcome. May He grant you peace, blessings, and fill your life with joy, whether through children or in other ways according to His divine wisdom.

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